Take a Literary Cycling Holiday through the UK

Few countries have given more to the world in terms of literature and culture than the United Kingdom. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that it stands today as one of the most popular places to visit in the world. There is something special, endearing, and enduring about the very idea of Britain, which has no doubt gained a sizeable amount of its appeal throughout the ages and continues to do so today. That said, the UK isn’t all old leatherbound page turners and ageless beauty, undoubtedly lovely as that all is. It’s likewise one of the cutting-edge nations of the world.

From grand estates to rolling hills of green to that modern metropolis feel, here’s just a taste of what you can expect when you book online cycle holidays in the UK.

Why Book Cycling Holidays?

First, it’s worth asking the question as to what’s so great about a cycling holiday anyway. The simple answer is that these types of holidays allow you both free reign over your tour of a given area as well as the chance to get closer than you might otherwise be able to do. It’s one thing to simply take a bus past some of the sites that Charles Dickens knew and saw as he helped immortalise Victorian London as one of the great settings in world literature. It’s quite another to bike past them yourself with the kind of freedom and joy Dickens himself would have appreciated.

Literary Sites

And talk of the Dickens, the UK’s physical landscape is dotted with literary landmarks! After all, English literature has given the world some of its most brilliant and enduring works and authors, so it is only fitting that there are a wealth of different literary sites through and around which you can take an incredible cycling tour.

To begin with, anyone who’s ever so much as read a page of English literature owes it to themselves to work their way to Shakespeare’s Globe in London. It is a recreation of Shakespeare’s original, which first burned down and was later torn down. The authenticity of the site is amazing, the performances wonderful, and the experience will provide you with a chance to transport yourself back in time a few centuries and hear some of the most enduring contributions to the English language and world literature in their original location. In addition to Shakespeare and Dickens, quite a few other landmarks to literary heavyweights can be found around London, from sites for Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter to the places in which authors like T.S. Eliot and Virginia Woolf lived and visited.

Outside London, there’s no shortage of great literary cycling tour fodder, either. The green fields of Wales and Cornwall preserve some of the medieval mystery that inspired works of the Arthurian legend. The Peak District is home to some of the most famous sites in Jane Austen’s canon, including the inspiration for Mr. Darcy’s estate. Authors like Thomas Hardy and George Eliot set some of their best works in rural England, the North belongs to the likes of D.H. Lawrence and Elizabeth Gaskell, and Scotland itself claims Muriel Spark and Robert Burns (to say nothing of its being the “site” of Hogwarts!).

All of these sites have inspired readers for decades or centuries, and all can make for the most incredible cycling tour through English literary history imaginable.