5 San Diego Restos You Should Check Out

For those traveling in southern California in RV rentals, you would be making a mistake to skip San Diego. This laid back city features amazing weather year round, lots of activities including stunning beaches, and a lively nightlife and food scene. Speaking of food, there are dozens of great restaurants popping up every month, making this southern Cali jewel a major destination for foodie-leaning travelers. You will want to do your research before hitting town so that you know the spots that will match your specific appetite, but definitely start your list by checking out these current top eating spots in the city.

Dija Mara

Located in Oceanside, Dija Mara has been gaining attention and much popularity even beyond San Diego, gaining a significant amount of national press as well. Chef Ryan Costanza serves up Asian cuisine with a distinct Californian sensibility. The dishes are complex and well presented and have been thrilling local diners and visitors alike. Any food minded traveler would be missing out if they skipped Dija Mara, so definitely put this one on your list.

Wrench and Rodent

If you’re into sushi, then you will most certainly want to stop in at this staple in Oceanside. Here you will find a wide range of fresh sushi served up in a creative manner. You simply won’t find sushi like this anywhere else in America. These plates are artfully arranged and lovingly made with an eye for innovation and taking the sushi game byond its traditional boundries and into some fresh and exciting new territory. This is one that you will most certainly want to check out on your San Diego trip, so make sure to have it on your list.


When it comes to progressive cuisine, it just doesn’t get any better than this in San Diego proper. Featuring an amazing atmosphere and a wide array of wood fire cooked delights, this is one of the top hangouts for locals and is just right for a romantic dinner and for a family outing alike, For those looking to relax, there are a wide range of creatively executed cocktails on offer that are famous in this city. Overall this restaurant truly has it all, including a great atmosphere, fine foods, and an amazing array of drinks. For those on RV rentals trips who are feeling a little road weary, this is your place to relax and enjoy a fine meal in a welcoming atmosphere.

Market Restaurant & Bar

Owned by chef Carl Schroeder, who also runs the kitchen, this establishment stays true to the seasons by switching up its menu as the seasons change, leaving a fully fresh and engaging, yet constantly changing, menu open to visitors who love their foods fresh. The restaurant uses only local farms for their goods pipeline, guaranteeing that each item on the menu is fully fresh and locally produced. This has allowed the restaurant to endure in the competitive local market, flourishing into a full fledged local institution.

Addison at The Grand Del Mar

This spot is a little more pricey than the others on the list, but it is fully worth the splurge if you check out the menu and read all the rave reviews that have been pouring in for some time. The tasting menu format adds an extra touch to the experience, and the traditional French plates on offer here are spruced up with innovative and forward thinking touches that really add to the experience. It may be fine dining, but this is an experience that is well worth the price tag.

A.R. Valentien

This welcoming and lively establishment has become a local staple much loved by regular customers and highly recommended to visitors as well. This is farm to table eating at its very best, with fresh local product served up straight from the many local farms just outside San Diego One night you will definitely not want to miss is the Thursday night artisan table dinners which serve up plates not on the menu on any other night. This is definitely the right way to experience some dishes that are served up by happy chefs given the opportunity to explore beyond the regular menu. This is just one of the many aspects that make A.R. Valentien one of the most loved establishments in the region.

There are so many great places to eat in San Diego that it can be overwhelming to figure out where to eat during your trip. A great wat to sart out for RV rentals travelers passing through the city is to focus on these top establishments, then work your way down to the individual spots serving up any of the foods you may be seeking. No matter the case, it cannot be denied that San Diego is one of the absolute top spots in the US for culinary delights. 

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