Mountain Villages of Arkadia

Do you enjoy a more descriptive tour of Arkadia, A holiday in greece? Include us once we tour from Athens and traverse Agios Petros, Vasta, Megalopoli, Sitaina, Kastanitsa, Demitsana and Stemnitsa for “The Mountain Villages of Arkadia” Tour.

First, we’ll purchase cheese at Agiopetriko in Agios Petros. The village includes a hotel, tavernas with local specialties, general stores, bakeries and scrumptious local sweets. Agios Petros is principally visited by pilgrims visiting the top the Holy Monastery of Malevi and it has roughly 1Thousand occupants and it is in an altitude of 900 m. It is one of the town of Northern Kinouria which is 37 kilometers from Tripoli.

Are you aware that Megalopoli is really a town around the western a part of Arkadia? It had been founded in 371 BC. It’s 30 kilometers from Tripoli. In Byzantine and Ottoman occasions, the town was referred to as Sinanou before the 1800s. It had been the very first urbanization within the primitive Arkadia. It’s quite a high end caffineo which is ideal for mid-day relaxation. Additionally, Sitaina includes a Byzantine Church worth an optimum.

Kastanista was built 300 years back so it’s worth a view. We’d chestnuts and tea inside a caffineou that is built around the slopes of Mount Pamon and it is encircled by fir, chestnut, pine and plane trees. It’s a settlement with narrow stone-paved roads, whitewashed and thoroughly tended houses. It had been unusual, but many enjoyable. Kastanitsa is really a complete mountain settlement, reaches an elevation of 840 meters. Lunch is at an excellent old village, the earliest village of Tsakonia dating back to from 1293 A.D. The cobblestone alleys are combined with the tall stone towers and yet another castle-like houses. In the center from the village may be the church from the Transfiguration in our Savior which sticks out. It had been built 250 years back! Round the village you are able to count 20 chapels. The famous feast when the “Feast from the Chestnut” each year within the last week of October. It’s on the path to Agios Andreas and originating from Astros. Kastanitsa has wonderful quaint hotels. Most within the primary town were lately renovated or new. I am certain that you’ll benefit from the evening also. You’ll awaken to beautiful mountain air.